Massage specialist for Dancers and Sports Injuries

One of the ways to overcome sporting wear and tear and help prevent sporting injuries is through Sports massage. When you’re stressed your body can display signs such as aching joints, shoulder pain, back ache, tense neck muscles and muscle spasms.

Poor posture is another cause of these symptoms. And as a participant of sport (at any level) this is something that should be overcome and for which sports massage can help.

Strenuous sports activity and overworking the body can cause injuries to occur. A way to help alleviate this stress is via a sports or remedial massage.

Sarah Spear, sports massage at the Lawrence ClinicSarah Spearing offers sports massage, therapeutic massage and remedial massage at The Lawrence Clinic in Pudsey.

Sarah has a special interest in dance and running injuries. Sarah has worked professionally as a dancer and travelled and performed all over the world. She currently helps dancers overcome injuries and helps them with sports massage.

The Leeds Sports Massage Clinics in our private medical centre in Pudsey and covers all aspects of musculo-skeletal problems, ranging from orthopaedics, physiotherapy, chiropractic and podiatry. Sarah also works closely with runners and footballers, often treating them before a race or pre football season. As well as sports massage Sarah offers swedish massage, massage can also help relieve headaches from stress and relieve tired neck muscles

The Leeds Sports Massage Clinics are part of The Lawrence Clinic Group.

Treatment is covered by Pru Health

Sports Massage is covered by Pru HealthSarah is available at the Leeds Back and Foot Centre on a Monday from 1-6pm and in Pudsey Tuesday to Friday. Massage at both the Leeds Sports Massage Clinic and Leeds Back and Foot Centre in Bramhope is covered by the insurance company Pru Health.

Patient Testimonial
Dramatic Improvement

Sarah – I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate the work you have done for me over last few weeks. I was finding it difficult to bend down and impossible to turn my head to the right. My posture was bad and I was heading into retirement looking like a question mark with round shoulders.

But now thankfully things have improved dramatically. So I would like to say a big thank you for all your hard work. I would recommend anyone to book an appointment to see you. After each full session, I felt fantastic.

From a letter from Alan 12 October 2016