Testimonial – John Joseph, Architect.

February 26th, 2019 | Posted in Testimonial

I work at a busy Architects Practice in Leeds and spend long days either at my desk or driving from place to place for meetings. With being over 6 foot tall, I sometimes experience lower back pain and try to manage this with exercises but sometimes the pain is too great. I sometimes have neck ache too.

With just one treatment with Sarah I was virtually cured. Sarah found all the problems in my back and made my shoulder blades make some noises that I did not think they were capable of making, but it worked. Sarah has since treated me for lower back pain and again, the results were the same, whereas I have previously had to receive several treatments from a Physio.

So I can only say that Sarah is a healer, she listens when you describe your ailment and targets the problems straight away. She has amazing skill and I truly would not hesitate to recommend her work. Sarah is the best!

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