Vocal Therapy

Vocal massage therapy has been developed over the last twenty years, it is a non invasive treatment to help muscle tension dysphonia, vocal tension.

Vocal Massage therapy is ideal for singers, public speakers, actors, barristers, presenters, teachers and anyone who uses their voice a lot for a living.

What is Vocal Massage Therapy ?

Vocal massage which is sometimes referred to as Laryngeal therapy is a treatment which targets the muscles related to voice production, including the larynx, neck, jaw, diaphragm, chest and thoracic spine. It supports reflux treatment and speech, voice therapy.

Just like any muscles in the body that can get overused the muscles related to voice production can effect the sound we produce vocally. Vocal massage therapy helps the vocal chords produce a better resonance and articulation of sound.

I use a range of musculo-skeletal and myo-fascial techniques to reduce stress contributing to vocal tension.
During a session we will look at how you can improve posture, breathing pattern, relaxation techniques to reduce stress contributing to vocal tension.

I have seen allsorts of people from singers with muscle tension dysphonia, reflux issues and Opera singers with demanding rehearsal and performance schedules.

Treatments last 45 – 60 minutes

Vocal massage is performed only by trained voice massage therapist.